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Water Conditioning

The area we live and work in has some distinctive geological formations. The type of rock and soil your well is drilled thru frequently determines your water quality. Valley Drilling will test your water for mineral content free of charge, and make recommendations based on the water analysis. The following are some of the concerns that we deal with most frequently, and how to eliminate these concerns.

HARD WATER – This is water that contains an excess of calcium & magnesium, some of the indications of hard water are the following: soap scum, dry itchy skin, frequent replacement of water heater elements or water heater, spots on glass and silverware.
The solution is to have a water softener installed to remove the calcium and magnesium. This will help to eliminate dry skin and prolong the life of water using appliances

IRON WATER – This is water that stains the fixtures, clothing, and shortens the life of water using appliances. Iron can also cause water to appear brown or dirty
The solution is to have a chemical free Iron / Sulphur filter installed. This system will remove iron without using chemicals or salt, it uses air to oxidize the iron and sulphur, so it can be filtered out of your water.

ACIDIC WATER – low PH, this is water that dissolves away copper plumbing and metal fixtures, usually leaving a blue / green stain in sinks and tubs.
The solution is to have an acid neutralizer installed, this will raise the ph of your water and it will no longer be aggressive. An acid neutralizer will raise the hardness of your water; most clients will follow an acid neutralizer with a water softener.

These are just a few of the most common concerns people have with well water. You should have your water tested by Valley Drilling to determine what type of water treatment system that will be required in your home or business.


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